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We’re here to put people into agri-tech

Agriculture is one of the least digitised industries on the planet. And that’s what makes jobs in agri-tech so exciting, so motivating, so fulfilling: employment in one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, contributing to the development of solutions that will, quite literally, help to feed the world.

It’s no small achievement. You won’t find an industry with a faster pace of change, nor a more vibrant tone.

Nor one that seeks to find ways to feed you and 9.5 billion people more sustainably. More equitably. More effectively. Our clients are developing technologies that will make agriculture more efficient and less wasteful. Agri-tech is Agriculture 4.0: an industry that is part of the solution to climate change, not a problem.

Whether looking to hire or be hired, there’s no better market for tech talent than the United Kingdom. It’s the undisputed European leader in agri-tech, way ahead of France, Germany or Ireland. A coherent, well-supported government-led Agri-Tech Strategy has achieved at least one of its objectives: agri-tech companies are flocking to headquarter here, supported by robust funders and investors: more than $1.1bn in 2019.

The agri-tech revolution is here. The demand for UK agri-tech talent has never been so strong, nor so important. We are proud to be working with that talent to build a vibrant and dynamic agri-tech sector.

We’re proud to put people into agri-tech.

I’m Sam Clayton, founder and managing director of AgRecruit, and it’s for these reasons I get out of bed in the morning.

My background is in IT and tech recruitment. I’m fascinated by emerging and disruptive areas of technology, especially the disciplines such as artificial intelligence and data science where much of the innovation and development is focused.

But I’m truly thrilled by agri-tech. Here’s an industry capable of tangible societal impact: not only providing food but with the potential to produce it more efficiently and more sustainably than ever before, thanks to the intervention of technology – and the candidates whom I can persuade to move into agtech.

I’ve developed a high degree of expertise in recruiting for the roles needed to support this sector: data scientists, machine learning engineers, full-stack developers and more. Because I’ve worked in other tech sectors – finance, energy, health, transport – I know how to help clients fend off the fierce competition for this type of talent and secure them the candidates they want and need, but often can’t reach.

That’s why I founded AgRecruit: to put the right people into agri-tech.

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We’re a committed virtual support team based in Tamworth, UK. We deliver administration, data entry, process mapping and general business support to companies big and small.

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