About Us

AgriTech creates an endless variety of opportunities, from well-established role-types to skillsets that didn’t exist yesterday but are suddenly in demand today. So whether you need to attract top talent from the Agricultural sphere, or your challenge is attracting the right specialists from external sectors and selling them the AgriTech dream, AgRecruit can help.

Securing talent across Leadership, Commercial and STEM posts, we’ve supported clients operating in:

  • Digital Agriculture including SaaS, software and data platform providers
  • Agri BioTech
  • Plant Sciences & Agronomy
  • Novel & Sustainable AgChems
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture & Vertical Farming
  • Animal Welfare and Monitoring
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Agri-meets-Climate Tech
  • Agri Robotics and AI
  • FoodTech
  • Alternative Protein development
  • Geospatial Tech, IoT and Remote Sensing
  • Various other areas of Agricultural R&D and Innovation